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Stereo Mastering


Stereo mastering is the process of taking a recording and enhancing it to it’s fullest potential. It’s the fine-tuning that will make your mixes sound as “big” and “clear” as possible without compromising the original integrity and tone of your mix.


As a result, your music will sound more unified and consistent. Perceived loudness will be much louder while retaining dynamic range. Inconsistencies in volume, EQ, and loudness between songs will be corrected, making your music sound more like one coherent project.


Stereo mastering is for producers who are mostly comfortable with their mixdown and could use the finishing touch before uploading for streaming or sending for distribution.


All stereo mastering projects includes the following:


  • 16bit & 24bit/44100/WAV master files.
  • 320k/MP3 version.
  • MFiT (mastered for iTunes version).
  • Free mix analysis with every order. If something isn’t right, we will be sure to let you know before we proceed with the mastering. We will also include any additional improvements that will give you the best mastering results.
  • One free round of revisions. Additional revisions are $15/each per round.
  • You own 100% of your work.
  • Money-back guarantee for first time orders.